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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: ¿Capitalización de KKR en el tercer trimestre 2014?

Las de WMIH en nada. Los Escrows es la gran incógnita pues se peleó muy duro por parte de los SNH hasta que en el POR 7 se consiguió
El 75% preferentes y 25% comunes sin un límite o CAP.
Hay más activos que se liberaran cuando se terminen los claims de empleados???
Esa es la pregunta del Billón !!!!!

Hay 2 vertientes de pensamiento:
Los que dicen que WMIH es el premio
Los que piensan q Escrows será.

En los próximos meses se irá despejando todo.
Mucha suerte Manzana. Lamentó lo de Gowex.


Manzana lee esta opinión sobre Escrows

Large Green Wednesday, 08/13/14 06:36:45 AM
This is so not true because one fails to look at the actions which are the most important but time will tell at some point. To start with I believe in actions of the SNHs and what were they really trying to get. One would have to understand why the SNHs sued JPM in 12/2009 and then why the JPM sued the SNHs in return for insider trading. This was the same month that US Trustee Joe McMahon called for "exigent circumstances" and demanded an equity committee. Both sides pulled their lawsuits against each other so you will not find anything filed other than links that no longer work.
They settled their differences with each other by dividing up the "Stolen Enterprise" with signed court sealed term sheets that were signed on March 11, 2010. Then Rosie had his infamous no money for equity rant with his POR discussed in open court during trading on March 12, 2010 which made all WaMu securities plummet. Yes, Rosie even billed for his phone call in the court hallway to Starke when the Judge unexpectedly delayed the court hearing and the sell off started early. Most people recall this unfortunate event.

So one of us looks at what actually happened and connects the dots to what the SNHs were really after. IMHO, we have found what they were really after and do NOT BELIEVE for a moment that the well educated Professionals were ONLY after tax attributes as the reason they went through court ordered insider trading trial and then court ordered two months of mediation.

They could have easily avoided this insider trading trial and mediation by making a deal with equity. They were so hell bent on screwing equity that they actually went through a court ordered insider trading trial which basically found themselves guilty. NOBODY with this kind of sense would not have jeopardized their entire life in this manner for a handful of billions in tax attributes in a fifty cent shell company that most said they had very little chance in making work. Yes, they were and are after billions and billions of dollars and yes again folks, IMHO, it is coming to an escrow share account near you.

Have I told you lately how much I love my escrow shares?


Faltan 42 días para el 6 aniversario de WAMU

En esta fecha expira el Acuerdo de Compra P&A de JPM a la FDIC.

6 años de lecciones que ningun Master en Bolsa te puede enseñar.

6 años esperando lo mismo que estan esperando los Hedge Funds...

El tiempo es lo único que cura todo y permite el olvido... ¿habrá recompensa para tanta paciencia?
Yo estoy convencido al 100% que si.


BIOF ejemplo de como puede subir un valor con NOLs ayer cerro a 11.37

Minimo anual: $1.13 Máximo: $11.60

IF Einhorn could pull this off so easily with BIOF in one big scoop what could prevent KKR, Appaloosa to do the same on a much bigger scale. It is hilarious to note the impact of negative news on the BIOF shares on a short term basis. The stock prices continued their upward slope as a result of buying by parties that are sophisticated in their modeling the real impact of NOL as a growth factor.

First there was a scare of delisting of BIOF from NASDAQ which educated investors knew was of no significance. Then there was the following hit piece by a short to make people sell. A very sophisticated and analytically detailed piece with some well reasoned and valid points.... yet silent on the Positive aspects.


All attempts to suppress the prices failed and the stock reached a high of about 11.60 today.

WMIH would face the same battle of news and spin ,after the deal is consummated, for price control in the short term.

BIOF is a compelling real world illustration for WMIH future which is bound to be much brighter one.


Re: BIOF ejemplo de como puede subir un valor con NOLs ayer cerro a 11.37

WMIH ya ha subido lo que tenia que subir ahora le toca bajar.
BIOF tiene un valor libros 4 veces menor que el valor bursatil mientras que WMIH es de 5.5, quien compre a estos precios puede perder hasta las bambas pero solo explicas lo que te interesa, ya dejaste bastantes pillados en 2010 y parece que deseas crear otra GOWEX pero solo tienes el argumento de los NOL que esta mas que trillado.


Re: BIOF ejemplo de como puede subir un valor con NOLs ayer cerro a 11.37

Besugo... permiteme expresarme JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Utiliza Gowex en otro Foro y pidele a todos los damnificados que se paguen entre si que al final tambien voy a ser responsable de lo que ha hecho Jenaro.

Lo tuyo es de traca.

Yo me limito a dar datos... tu canción del tralará ya no cuela.

A ver si en el cuarto trimestre cuando salga a relucir algo si sigues aportando los mismos argumentos.


Fechas importantes Septiembre

Hearing Claims: 8 septiembre
P&A FDIC: 26 septiembre (fecha limite)


KKR se comprometio a no abrir Cortos hasta finales de 2016

Item 1.01 Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.

In connection with the issuance of the Convertible Preferred Stock and the Warrants, KKR Fund and its affiliates have agreed that, until December 31, 2016, they will not:

vi. short any of the Company’s common stock or acquire any derivative or hedging instrument or contract relating to the Company's common stock.

Nos vamos acercando a una nueva escalada...