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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: 34 días para un nuevo hito en WMIH

A palabras necias oídos sordos.
Sigue esperando hasta Mayo como poco súper lumbreras!


Re: WMIH y su vehículo especial SPAC

Rico se hico quien hico lo que dijo Errico. El que es rico es mas rico porque lo dijo Errico, valga la redundancia. Vale ya de bombear Simpson.


Bombean: Stephen J Errico / Hedge Fund Locust Wood Capital Advisers & Jim Cramer / The Street

Yo solo soy el mensajero... lo dijo durante el "Harbor Investment Conference" donde cada asistente tuvo que pagar $1500 para oir lo que este humilde mensajero lleva tiempo diciendo. Errico es un portfolio manager que maneja una cartera de casi $500 Millones...
un cualquiera vaya !!!! Jejeje


Bio: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Stephen-Errico/1210958158

Errico said at the Harbor Investment Conference in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday that Locust Wood is investing in WMI Holdings, the publicly traded shell of Washington Mutual, because he believes KKR's recent million investment in the company signals the PE firm may use it for its next billion dollar deal.

The investment was characterized as a speculative bet by Errico and centers on net operating loss carryforwards that KKR may be able to utilize were WMI Holdings to begin making large acquisitions. In March, a two-year waiting period for WMI Holdings to realize its NOLs expires, giving the company the ability to make acquisitions at advantageous prices, according to Errico's comments.

He estimated on Wednesday that WMI Holdings carries nearly $6 billion in loss carryforwards, an attractive asset in prospective acquisitions.

Errico of Locust Wood believes KKR made the investment so it can push forward acquisitions that utilize WMI Holdings NOLs. He now characterizes WMI Holdings as a "KKR special purpose acquisition vehicle."

"Expect acquisitions to be announced sooner rather than later," Errico said. He said it was a smaller cap, more speculative way to invest alongside KKR

¿Hasta que momento habrá que llegar para que entiendas que este valor va a explotar?



¿Que es un SPAC? Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle...KKR es lo que va a utlizar para Capitalizar WMIH

Definición de Empresa Adquisición propósito especial - SPAC'


Una empresa pública que cotiza en bolsa que recauda dinero con el fin de perseguir la adquisición de una empresa ya existente. SPAC recaudan dinero de inversores que no saben en que se va a destinar (la mayoría de los cuales se destina a un fideicomiso) por parte del público para una fusión sin especificar, a veces en una industria específica. Cada SPAC se vende típicamente en $6 por unidad para una acción común (para ofertarse públicamente en bolsa en el futuro) y dos Warrants que permiten comprar acciones adicionales. Si una adquisición, no se hace en dos años, el dinero se devuelve a los inversionistas originales.

También conocido como "compañía de adquisición dirigida (TAC)".


Carta para un hermano

My brother is a shareholder and asked if he should buy more, even with the prices up. I told him that I recently bought more and I told him I'd email him my thoughts. I sent this not today and I figured perhaps others might be interested as well.

Lee, here are the latest developments from WMIH, and the reason I bought more last week.

1) The tentative deal that was announced in early December was approved by both KKR and WMIH at the end of January. The implication is that (1) KKR sees value in WMIH shares going forward; and (2) the 'Net Operating Losses', which remain WMIH's only real asset, are viable and legitimate. I am assuming that whatever 'due diligence' was needed to satisfy KKR's legal department was completed successfully.

2) The stock continues to trade in a tight trading range. Normally one might be suspicious that there isn't more buying activity going into March 2014, but I believe that both KKR and WMIH have demonstrated that they can keep secrets to themselves. I also believe that whatever acqusition, or multiple acqusitions, that WMIH might make or be party to will involve existing KKR companies, which means that any secret planning can easily be kept secret.

3) I was surprised and impressed that the members of WMIH's aquisition committee (specifically, CEO Mike Willingham and leader of the committee, Gene Davis) were awarded large amounts of WMIH shares last week at $2.53 / share.

In my opinion, these awards (which were quite sizable compared to the already approved compensation packages for these Directors) signal that WMIH has completed planning for our initial acqusition strategy, perhaps as far as identifying and pricing candidates and perhaps even agreeing in principle to formal deals to be confirmed later. I don't think these large awards were deserved simply by virtue of securing the financing already announced - remember that these Directors were charged with doing this work already and are already compensated handsomely for their time.

I was surprised that there have been no press releases or announcements concerning these stock awards. Certainly in most companies shareholders would demand and expect an explanation if the directors of the company voted to give themselves significant extra compensation. The fact there has been no explanation yet leads me to think that an explanation will be forthcoming SOON, possibly well before the March 2014 dates we have talked about.

4) Remember that each of the other times that the WMIH Board voted to award themselves shares, it turns out that their timing was excellent - the shares were awarded at low prices and the WMIH stock price rose soon thereafter. I do not expect this time to be any different - I think that $2.53 might turn out to be a long-term bottom for the stock. Surely this time our Directors were anxious to receive these awards sooner rather than later.

Bottom line: I think the near-term risk is 20 - 25c, and I think that the upside is much greater than that. I think you can buy shares with low-risk money rather than high-risk money.