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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: Y Cap management adquiere 2 Millones de acciones en WMIH

Vete a dormir que tu si que estas desinformado.


Re: Y Cap management adquiere 2 Millones de acciones en WMIH


Y/CAP Management, LLC is a value-oriented investment advisor seeking to achieve superior risk adjusted returns by investing opportunistically in both debt and equity securities. Its team employs a fundamental, research-driven approach and believes that maintaining the flexibility to adapt asset class allocation to current market conditions is a key to generating sustainable long term results.

Richard Haydon, CFA, is the Managing General Partner of Y/CAP Management, LLC. From February 2006 until his founding of Y/CAP Management in July 2009, Mr. Haydon was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Managing Director in Neuberger Berman's Straus Group. From 2001 to January 2006, Mr. Haydon was a Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager at Omega Advisors, Inc. ("Omega"), an Investment Adviser founded by Leon Cooperman that focuses on equity and debt investing. At Omega, Mr. Haydon independently made investment decisions for a portion of Omega's portfolio and served on the Investment Policy Committee. In 1988, Mr. Haydon founded Strategic Restructuring Partnership ("SRP"), a private investment fund focused on investment in a broad array of debt and equity securities. Until 2000, Mr. Haydon served as both SRP's Chief Investment officer and its Chief Administrative Officer. From 1983 to 1988, Mr. Haydon was President of the broker-dealer operations and head of the leveraged buyout effort of Gabelli & Company, Inc. ("Gabelli & Co."), a firm established by Mario Gabelli. From 1973 to 1983, Mr. Haydon worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co, spending seven of those years in the Investment Research department and the remainder in the Mergers and Acquisitions department focusing on leveraged recapitalizations and other leveraged transactions. Mr. Haydon received a B.A. in Economics, cum laude, from Syracuse University in 1970 and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst certification. He is a member of the Syracuse University Board of Trustees and its Investment Endowment Committee and formerly served as Chairman of Student Affairs. Mr. Haydon is a founder and is actively involved in the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp for Disabled Veterans and is a member of the Board of Directors of the York Street Charity, a non-profit located in Jersey City, NJ.


Analisis WMIH: StockTA


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Esto no lo digo yo, no lo dicen los que compran los millones de acciones basados en la más que probable entrada de KKR en la empresa...lo dicen los análisis tecnicos y las graficas.

No tengo más nada que decir...que cada palo aguante su vela :)


Rumor: Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) ¿Primer Target de KKR?

De momento solo rumores... finales de enero.


HEADLINE: Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) First To Fall As KKR & Co. (KKR) Guide WMI Holdings (WMIH) Forward Predicts Sierra World Equity Review.

Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) First To Fall As KKR & Co. (KKR) Guide WMI Holdings (WMIH) Forward Sierra's believes that the financial services team at KKR and WMI Holdings have targeted Republic Bancorp (RBCAA) for acquisition, Sierra leads indicate that the Trager family who hold substantial shares in Republic Bancorp may be soliciting bids and that KKR & Co are very interested, Sierra's network projects that the parties potential early discussions are evolving and that an official announcement could come late January.


Comentarios de Michael Willngham : Chairman de WMI Holdings

12/Diciembre 2011

"The comprehensive settlement announced today represents a fair and reasonable recovery for the thousands of equity holders of the Company who have been following this case closely for three years. The Equity Committee and its advisors are pleased with the result and look forward to and support the swift confirmation of the Plan," said Michael Willingham, chairman of the Equity Committee appointed in the Company's chapter 11 proceedings"

3/Febrero 2012

"Michael Willingham, chair of the Equity Committee and one of the four nominees to the Reorganized WMI board, stated, "The Equity Committee's primary goal was to maintain maximum flexibility for the reorganized company so that once the board is seated, it will be able to consider the widest range of options in creating a business plan. The diversity of backgrounds among these nominees will help meet that goal."

"Ho Pham, another member of the Equity Committee, added "We believe that this board will have the experience necessary to succeed in the financial services sector."

19/Marzo 2012

"The outcome of this process is a significant achievement for the equity holders of WMI, who will have the opportunity to benefit from an ownership interest in the reorganized company," said Michael Willingham, Chairman of the Official Committee of Equity Security Holders for WMI and a member of the Board of Directors of WMI Holdings. "The new Board of Directors will form a Corporate Strategy and Development Committee to begin exploring opportunities available to the Company to enhance the value of the reorganized Company's assets for the benefit of the company's new shareholders."

19/Julio 2012

"Michael Willingham, the Company's Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated, "Having successfully emerged from bankruptcy, WMI Holdings has substantial cash and access to a $125 million credit facility to support a growth strategy through acquisitions and organic initiatives. We look forward to working with Blackstone to evaluate and pursue such opportunities."

9/Diciembre 2013

"Michael Willingham, Chairman of the Company said, "We believe this investment from KKR will provide WMI Holdings with a compelling opportunity to create meaningful shareholder value. KKR has a global network of relationships, deep expertise in transaction execution, portfolio management, capital-raising, and operational improvement, and we believe a partner with these capabilities will augment our ability to execute on our stated acquisition strategy"


The Waiting Game: KKR

Tal y como nos aproximamos al final de lo que en USA ha sido un largo puente y nos vamos acercando a la fecha límite del 31 de enero, estoy pensando en lo que yo haría si fuera KKR.

1) Si mis intenciones fueran las de aumentar el valor tan rápido como fuera posible para que mi inversión potencial creciera con ello, yo anunciaría hoy las noticias para que el Precio del Valor y el Market Cap de WMIH creciera antes de que sea oficial la primera adquisición.

2) Si mis intenciones fueran de seguir capturando acciones de las manos débiles de los minoristas...entonces esperaría hasta el último minuto para ver cuantas más acciones podría capturar antes de consumar mi entrada.

Elegid vuestra opción... espero que terminemos con esta espera y podamos pasar a la fase de "adquisiciones" mientras nos acercamos a la fecha de 2 años post BK para maximizar las NOLs.

¡Mucho éxito para todos!


Re: The Waiting Game: KKR

So knowing what you know about KKR and presuming we are in a guessing game, what would that number look like ?


As for price, I've discussed what I think WMIH will be worth, so no need to repeat those values. You can calculate scenarios for yourself as follows:

Two years ago I was vilified for stating that WMIH would raise capital. Yes, capital. Meaningful capital, i.e., in billion$. I said that whatever WMIH planned it would need billions of dollars to effect it. I understood that such magnitude was necessary and that with the types of players involved, this order of capitalization would be expected. Very shortly you'll see WMIH has raised such capital. FYI, a large amount of capital is necessary to exploit the NOLs in timely fashion. By timely I mean one must limit the window in which the capital is used to as short a period of time as possible as the NOLs are a depreciating asset (i.e., they do not contain a growth factor to adjust for inflation, for example).

Even allowing a modest capital raise of, say, $2B, WMIH must address the depreciation factor discussed previously. Accordingly, if WMIH obtains a substantial return on the order of 50%, or $1B, for example, under straight line depreciation it thereby exhausts the NOLs in six years. I understood that even this was too long a period, and since the return factor is subject to factors like market conditions, more capital is necessary, i.e., twice as much ($4B) or more. Remember: as I said more than a year ago, the more capital the less vulnerable the company is to a decline in profits' hurting the important NOL depreciation. This is a factor the players can control; they have much less control over market factors affecting profit margins (For example, WMIH has a minimum revenue level of $1.5B, $5B in capital, and projected margin of 50%, and expects a return of $2.5B, to exhaust the NOLs in a little over two years. If margin declines to 30%, it makes $1.5B, so NOLs depreciate in four years, an acceptable, though not optimal, horizon.)

Finally, once you realize what return is necessary (and, therefore, likely) you calculate the number of outstanding shares absorbing that profit level. We now know that at least 271mm shares will be outstanding, however this does not account for the number of shares that must be given to the owners of the acquired entity (i.e., the engine). If you think you know the type of business WMIH will pursue, you can go into the market and examine publicly traded companies (you could consider private ones, but that would be more difficult) that would be likely candidates. For example, if a company is worth $1B, you know WMIH must be worth more (and it will be once its capitalized) to acquire it. If WMIH capitalizes itself to $3.5B and the target is worth $1B, you can use algebra to extrapolate share ratios and a total float.

Extrapolating on published facts is what the market has been doing since 12/9 and will be doing over the next few months. For example, barring anything unforeseen, the market expects KKR to execute, so the float will be about 210mm shares as of 2/1. Further, and again assuming nothing unforeseen, the market will expect the NOLs to be intact on 3/20 and the float to rise to 271mm at that time. After that, the market will look for capitalization on the order I've described.