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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: Shareholders Meeting: 4 Junio New York

Como hagan una ampliación te vas a enterar como se diluyen las acciones actuales. No te enteras mucho de la película.


Re: Shareholders Meeting: 4 Junio New York

Besugo 4 President... "Yes you can".
Me encantan tus lecciones de Bolsa!
Releete el post 25432 donde ya se tiene ese factor en cuenta.

Assuming a max dilution scenario where the outstanding share count blows up to 300 million shares that would put the share price at $8 for a $1 billion acquisition and $12 for a $1.5 billion acquisition. Again, this is to start, without growth, multiple expansion and the numerous favorable winds that are at the back of insurance companies, in general


Re: Shareholders Meeting: 4 Junio New York

Ya verás Nostradamus, Jajaja.


Re: Solicitar documentos Conversion (Email de Edgar Sargent)

Mr_Simpson, Antonio_f, no entiendo bien. Hay que reclamar estas reconversiones ahora? o en este mail es una hipótesis de reconversión? Hablo de las antiguas wamuq. Gracias, un saludo


Re: Solicitar documentos Conversion (Email de Edgar Sargent)

WMIH se creo q partir de esas reconversiones. No hay que hacer nada. Antonio lo necesitaba por temas fiscales.


Re: Solicitar documentos Conversion (Email de Edgar Sargent)

Kala Kala, McNamaman y Mr. Simpson el trio de la muerte de Wamu. Inversor 71 y Chikis de palmeros.


KKR moviendo fichas

"KKR Liquidates Hedge Fund Led by Ex-Goldman’s Bob Howard"

"KKR said it will be focusing on KKR Prisma, a unit that invests in hedge funds, and the building of strategic stakes and backing of hedge-funds firms. Last year KKR agreed to buy a 24.9 percent stake in Nephila Capital Ltd., a Bermuda-based firm that makes reinsurance-related investments.

KKR said it will also focus on its credit hedge funds that have about $800 million in assets."...

KKR PRISMA constructs and manages customized hedge fund portfolios and fund-of-hedge funds. It seeks to deliver superior performance by utilizing portfolio construction techniques and an integrated, quantitative approach to risk management. KKR Prisma takes a specialist approach by seeking leading niche hedge fund managers in each strategy.

This news needs to be looked in closely with what TPG is upto imo

TPG Capital Said to Target $2.65 Billion for Credit Fund

"The new fund is managed by the credit and special-situations business known as TPG Special Situations Partners, or TSSP. Special situations may involve companies that are poorly managed, lack access to capital or face structural changes in an industry, according to a marketing document obtained by Bloomberg News. The firm also seeks to purchase loan portfolios directly from banks at deep discounts."


Re: KKR moviendo fichas

KKR as the busiest P/E firm in buying into new companies in 2013.


Here is Dealogic’s list of the 10 most acquisitive PE firms:
(I like that we are working with 2 of them and not quite sure what TPG still holds.)

#1 KKR: 34 deals, $17.4 billion

#2 Carlyle Group: 27 deals, $4.8 billion

#3 TPG: 26 deals, $11.2 billion

#4 Bain Capital Partners: 25 deals, $14 billion

#5 Insight Venture Management: 22 deals, $7.8 billion

#6 BlackstoneBX +4.30%: 21 deals, $4.2 billion

#7 Apollo Global ManagementAPO +1.91%: 20 deals, $3.1 billion

#8 LDC: 19 deals, $575 million

#9 Summit Partners: 18 deals, $838 million;

#10 Warburg Pincus: 17 deals, $8.8 billion