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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: ¿Es buen momento para comprar WMIH?

Me refería a por que subió un poco hoy.

Saludos de Chikis! ^_^


WMIH subio +12% ayer hasta $2.89 ...gráfico

Hoy 9 Diciembre es el 2 aniversario desde entrada KKR


Hemos conseguido:

1. $600 Millones en inversión
2. Pasar de OTC a NASDAQ
3. Equipo ejecutivos
4. Estamos pendientes de noticias sobre primera M&A que llegará en Diciembre -Enero 2016.

Grafico de las 2 ultimas sesiones


El indicador contrarian de Rankia ataca de nuevo

Habla de subidas y recomienda comprar y se hunde la acción XD

Saludos y felices fiestas.


Re: El indicador contrarian de Rankia ataca de nuevo

Que jeta tiene Simpson, ha estado bombeando la accion con informacion falsa. No cambia de discurso,

Cuando se desploma la accion ni aparece.

Sin comentarios.


Re: El indicador contrarian de Rankia ataca de nuevo

¿En este hilo todavía se respira? Gran Poder de Dios... jejejeje


Re: El indicador contrarian de Rankia ataca de nuevo

Simpson desaparecido en combate debido a su fracaso para captar incautos que inviertan en estas acciones.
Inmigrante sigue vivo bombeando agua en Africa
Gran Poder de Dios... jejejeje


KKR Conference Call: Comentarios sobre WMIH

KKR Conference Call Audio replay at:

The WMIH discussion is at the 40:00 minute mark. Chris Kotowski (?) of Oppenheimer asked the question. Thanks for the direction to the question by Chris. How KKR views us: "SPAC"


With KKR's performance this past year, they are being scrutinized closely. Later in the transcript, he mentioned that deals initiated in the last quarter (Q4) are "ready" starting to open up. They are intending to take advantage of lower valuations and enjoy the volatility of the current market per the mention at 48:41 Sandler-O'Neil's M&A question regarding organic v inorganic growth. WMI called "non-inorganic" opportunity.
Record $29 billion of dry powder !!!
"Now let me shift a bit to why we like this environment of fear and volatility. Look at slide eight. Remember, the vast majority of our capital is locked up for a long period of time. Over 80% of our management fees come from funds or relationships with over eight-year contractual lives from inception. When you are an investment firm with locked-up capital, it is great news when things get cheaper. We generate most of our excess returns by making smart investments in markets like this one.

Also, it's important to understand that we've built our business model specifically for markets like these. Our capital markets business and our balance sheet are weapons that are especially powerful in this type of market. Our capital markets business allows us to access equity and debt capital directly, to get deals done when others can't. And our $13 billion balance sheet allows us to step up for larger checks and syndicate down later. The combination of these two is very powerful, as we can move quickly and in size when traditional financing is not available.

Combine these factors with our locked-up LP capital and we have a powerful model that can invest in dislocated markets and move in when others are scared. And then we can monetize those investments later, when the markets swing back from fear to greed. In effect, we view markets like this one as giving us a great opportunity to create options that we can monetize in a more optimistic environment. And our model positions us to create more of those options when fear reigns.

So we're actually quite bullish on what we're seeing and our ability to monetize this environment. And with a record $29 billion of dry powder, plus our balance sheet, we have ample capacity to express our views..."

KKR & Co. LP (KKR) Q4 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript


KKR is putting their reputation on the line with strong backup in their Call.

Also they have made quite clear its Non-Organic growth for the WMIH SPAC.


Lets rewind...last year they announced Shareholders Meeting on Feb 28th... I am assuming that if they announce M&A by end of March at latest (after the strong mentioning in their call yesterday) we should ratify it at the SM 2016. They have majority so thats a 100% certainty it will pass.


Re: KKR Conference Call: Comentarios sobre WMIH

¿Como tienes tanto rostro Simpson?. Hasta que la accion no este rondando el sótano no dejaras de postear chorradas.