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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Rompemos los $0.80...

A ver si llegamos hoy a $0.90... :)
De momento $0.82 +3.8%


Re: Rompemos los $0.80...

Se acabó la subida, Ya está en negativo después de tocar el 0.86, cae en barrena hasta el 0.76. Que poco dura la alegría en casa del pobre :(


Re: Rompemos los $0.80...

Jejeje bueno algún retroceso debíamos tener.
Esperemos a ver si se anima en la última media hora o son los cortos cubriendo posiciones


201 Millones acciones vs 500.000

Say whatever else you want about the WMIH pps but one thing that you can say with certainty is that WMIH shares are very tightly held. The pps has gone up more than 60 percent in the last few weeks and yet the trading volume has not budged from just a trickle of shares being traded. There are 201 million shares outstanding but less than 0.5 million of those are traded on an average day. For other companies, the trading volume would be more in the range of 5 to 10 million shares per day.

Es una buena reflexión no creéis?


Nos funden en la última

Manzana eres un hombre de poca fe... Cerramos a 0.83 !!!

Rectifico: a las 4.04 hora USA nos meten un regalito de 72800 a 0.75 para barrer subidas.
Esto se parece a los viejos días en los q estábamos pegado a la pantalla. Dos días más y nos vemos en 2013!


Blackstone & Small CAP

I said this yesterday but with no response. I think this is less about HFs or MMs manipulation than it is WMIH NEEDS to have their share price move up in order to raise capital to make a M&A deal. We've got a lot of the pieces that should be coming together to do a deal but it's a little hard when you've got a .48 cent stock to try and raise (say for grins) $400MM to $500MM to buy another company.

We've got WMMRC net assets that are included in the shareholder equity ... last quarter was $175MM. We've got $6B in NOLs (right now) that has not had any equity value assigned to it but if there is a deal in the talks, then it's understood there will be a portion of that brought on the books as "Deferred Tax Assets".

Again .... depending on what Blackstone is working on, the PPS just might need to be pushed back up to at least $1 area to better reflect those two areas.

Was looking for some capital raise guidelines and found this site. If WMIH needs their market cap to go to $250MM to $300MM to push them into the ""Small Cap"" classification. With all filings current, we might move on up the exchange levels. That is probably another goal of Blackstone.

I see the move more related to the Blackstone work than I do to HFs. HFs manage $100s of millions and the CURRENT WMIH is now not as big a priority as it was to get the billions paid in BK.

Blackstone's job now is to ""make a deal (deals)"" with other companies. It's up to them to make WMIH more attractive in the M&A.


The market capitalization calculation is an important and useful stock valuation formula. Market capitalization (sometimes called market cap) is the total market value of all the company’s outstanding shares. This represents the value the market has placed on the value of a company’s equity.

Small Cap
$300 million – $ 2 billion. Many small caps are younger companies with high growth potential and high risk.

Micro Cap
$50 million – $300 million. Smaller companies with little wall street coverage. These stocks require tremendous due diligence before investing.


Trades tras el cierre

Bueno al final cerramos +5% en 0.83 pero los 2 últimos días que pasamos de 800.000 en volumen hay trades extraños que dicen acumulación.

Mañana espero que sea un gran día!

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