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Gamesa for ever

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    Gamesa for ever

    Gamesa completes its first U.S. Overhaul and Life Extension program
    August 4, 2015 Joshua Smalley : 0 Comments
    “We are excited to work with Gamesa in the deployment of these innovative programs. Their expertise as an OEM and O&M provider gave Commonwealth Bay the necessary assurances to enter into this unique long- term investment and relationship,” Ben Burkholz, Vice President of Commonwealth Bay said.
    Gamesa has successfully completed Overhaul and Life Extension upgrades to its Medicine Bow Wind Farm in Carbon County, Wyoming for wind farm owner and wind generation investor Commonwealth Bay. The upgrade package includes a 15-year comprehensive operations and maintenance agreement.
    The project included the application of Gamesa’s Turbine Overhaul and Life Extension programs to the wind farm’s nine turbines, produced by another wind turbine manufacturer and having nameplate ratings from 600 kW to 660 kW. Turbine Overhaul transforms aging turbines into modern turbines using today’s technology to change all the major electrical components and electronic systems of the machines.
    In the case of Medicine Bow, the turbines were upgraded to 650 kW and 710 kW machines, increasing the original rated power for the wind farm by approximately 7.5%. A variety of additional Life Extension upgrades are being applied to ensure additional profitable operation until service year 30. In addition, Gamesa will operate and maintain the wind complex for the next 15 years.
    Gamesa initiated the upgrades in 2014. “The Medicine Bow project was very interesting because we knew our Overhaul and Life Extension products would significantly maximize returns for the owner,” said Philippe Delleville, Gamesa’s Vice President of Services for North America. “The project is a wonderful showcase for the practical application of these upgrade technologies and multi-technology capabilities. While Gamesa has implemented overhaul and life extension in Europe, Medicine Bow is the first wind farm where we deployed the programs in the U.S.”
    Overhaul and Life Extension were highlighted in Gamesa’s recently released 2015-2017 business plan, as an important part of the successful expansion of Gamesa’s Service product offerings, and market presence in the United States.
    “We are excited to work with Gamesa in the deployment of these innovative programs. Their expertise as an OEM and O&M provider gave Commonwealth Bay the necessary assurances to enter into this unique long- term investment and relationship,” Ben Burkholz, Vice President of Commonwealth Bay said.
    Commonwealth Bay, the asset manager for MAEGI Fund I, L.P., immediately saw the value of investing in Medicine Bow and partnering with Gamesa. Sean R. Sullivan, Managing Director of Commonwealth Bay, views the Medicine Bow project as representing “a fundamental development in the US wind industry, whereby mature wind farms are reengineered to operate well beyond their originally projected useful life rather than executing a tear-down and re-power. Medicine Bow demonstrates the market’s demand to de-risk aging wind power assets and the power of innovation in meeting that demand.”
    Commonwealth Bay financed the project through private equity and a commercial loan agreement with North Sky Alliance Fund and NewWorld Environmental Infrastructure, arranged by GoldenSet Capital Partners.
    Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) who led the initial Medicine Bow development in 1997 as one of the first commercial wind generation sites in the Rocky Mountain region, also expressed confidence in the value of the project. “We are very pleased that Commonwealth Bay will continue to invest in Medicine Bow,” said Jackie Sargent, general manager and CEO of PRPA. “We are proud to have played a leadership role in the revitalization process, and look forward to the continued benefits from the facility for Platte River and our member municipalities,” he added.

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    Re: Gamesa for ever

    CEE Equity Partners i GEO Renewables kupiły farmę wiatrową od Gamesa Energia
    2015-08-04 09:52 KUP LICENCJĘ

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    China-CEE Fund, którego inwestycjami zarządza CEE Equity Partners, oraz GEO Renewables sfinalizowały transakcję zakupu farmy wiatrowej Zopowy od Gamesa Energia Polska, podało CEE Equity Partners.

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    Re: Gamesa for ever

    Parece que no descansan los molinillos..cada dia contratos y estudios nuevos a nivel internacional

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    Re: Gamesa for ever

    Spain approves loan for 50-MW wind project in Uruguay

    Aug 4, 2015 12:22 CEST by Diana Hristova

    August 4 (SeeNews) - The Spanish government on Friday approved a loan of up to USD 55.65 million (EUR 50.8m) to R del Este SA for the construction of a 50-MW wind farm in Uruguay.

    The Maldonado II project is an extension of the 50-MW Maldonado I wind farm, also financed through the Spanish Business Internationalisation Fund. The first plant, developed by R del Sur, was inaugurated in April 2014.

    Uruguay's state-run utility Administracion Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Electricas (UTE) has awarded a power purchase contract for Maldonado II under the same terms like the contract with the original plant.

    In addition, Spanish wind turbine maker Gamesa is the supplier for both wind farms. For Maldonado II, the company will install and commission 25 of its G114-2.0 MW turbines as of November.

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    Re: Gamesa for ever

    son todo noticias de los ultimas 24 horas sobre gamesa que he encontrado en la web,,,
    Una maravilla verdad??

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    Re: Gamesa for ever

    noticias de hoy

    Gamesa. Citigroup mejora precio objetivo

    Hasta 16,70 euros

    Miércoles, 5 de Agosto del 2015 - 10:16:00

    Los analistas de Citigroup elevan el precio objetivo de Gamesa hasta los 16,70 euros desde 12 euros anterior, con una recomendación de neutral.

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