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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: Cotizaciones... ¿off topic?

Que se acostumbren a soltar guita que dentro de no mucho algo más van a soltar


Re: Nuevo documento

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Recordaros que si pinchais sobre la imagen, esta aumenta de tamaño y se puede ver más claramente


Re: Chart - analisis

Hoy con el power-hour cerramos +0.30

Mañana, viernes, nadie va a querer pasar el finde sin un ticket de lotería, va a ser la locura WAMUQ.

Estoy empezando a hablar como Mr.Sipson :-)

He dicho.


Facturas de Alvarez Marshall

Señores si solo hay que leer los billings para ver lo que se esta cociendo.
Ya todos tenemos ganas que llegue la primera traca.


Testeando movimientos

I have been flipping small 10k lots all morning long to observe the action. on the sell side, lot orders were placed well under the bid. objective to see how quick they fill and at what price. they filled immediately at the bid, no games, the shares were just scooped up. on the buy side, i put one order in for 50k shares and that fill took a little longer, a few minutes, it was at the ask, they did not try to railroad the order by raising the ask they just took their sweet time in filling it. this is a very good sign. the other great sign is that price is holding up well, better than i would expect with how the chart looks. this combined with the action in germany lends me to believe that something is cooking, where will they run this prior to the hearing, hmmm, could be very interesting to say the least.

by the way, those that have been saying to watch able need to be better observers or understand the action a little better. able has never been the hammer, matter of fact able saved our ass at least twice, chdn was gunning for .10 and able put the bottom in at .142 and just recently chdn was going for .15 or below and able put the bottom in just below .18



Page 5:

"Review of settlement agreement and call with professionals."

"Review of settlement agreement. Review of litigation strategy."

"Meeting with FDIC and JPM. Discussions with Attorneys. Review of term sheet."

"Review of bankruptcy issues and follow up. Review and follow up pertaining to litigation issues. Call with UCC.
Call with JPM."

"Call with JPM."

"Review of settlement agreement issues."

"Review of bankruptcy issues and follow up. POR review and follow up call with FDIC. Call with JPM."

"Equity motion review and follow up. Call with JPM."

"Equity motion review and follow up. Review of settlement agreement and POR."

I love it. First of all, if we don't see a settlement before the POR and they try to zap us, the EC can point to this and call foul right away. They're talking settlement and trying to wipe us when we all know the NOLS and 4 billion put As well over Ls. Any settlement is gravy that's going to spill over to the commons.

Let them settle, send the bondholders home, and we'll take whatever's left. I can't possibly imagine we'll see any threat to Equity now that this is out there. I don't doubt they'll try, but just as we KNEW the EC wasn't going anywhere, I think this just about sums up the fact that EQUITY isn't going anywhere either.

No way THJMW allows them to get away with a POR that kills us with this much settlement discussion going on and a bonus 5-6 billion coming to the estate via the NOLs.

I also loved that they called JPM when the realized the UST was jamming an EC down their throats. I'd love to have heard that call. "We're going to need a bigger boat".

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