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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
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Re: No hay dinero para PIERS en febrero

O sea qué?

Saludos de Chikis! ^_^


Locust Wood Capital entra en WMIH...compra 3.900.000 acciones (13F) Vamosssss!!!!!!!!!


Algo muy importante que resaltar de nuevo.

La compra de 3.900.000 acciones WMIH en el último trimestre´14 (13F) Si alguien se acuerda de Stephen Errico of LWC dio una conferencia el año pasado en Harbor Investment Conference sobre KKR & WMIH Deal, que fue publicada por The Street.

"... Errico said at the Harbor Investment Conference in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday that Locust Wood is investing in WMI Holdings, the publicly traded shell of Washington Mutual, because he believes KKR's recent million investment in the company signals the PE firm may use it for its next billion dollar deal. ...Errico of Locust Wood believes KKR made the investment so it can push forward acquisitions that utilize WMI Holdings NOLs. He now characterizes WMI Holdings as a "KKR special purpose acquisition vehicle. ..."


La compra a finales de año debería ser otra señal para la primera M&A de WMIH proximamente.


La era de los Unicornios...$1 Billón "próximamente"

Fecha limite 31 de marzo...espero que para entonces WMIH ya valga $1 Billon :) ¿Que es un Unicornio? Startups que en poco tiempo consiguen valoraciones de $1 Billon de Dolares para arriba... Ver aquí la lista: http://fortune.com/unicorns/xiaomi-1/

¿Alguien ha visto a Besugo o Maxi?


Re: La era de los Unicornios...$1 Billón "próximamente"

How do you think about the probability that first WMIH needs to be capitalized, uplisted and merge (so from Jan 5 within 180 days!) BEFORE any escrow proceedings come our way?

The Susman Appeal for the golden parachute settlement tells me the story "they" want to drag this as long as possible and create value for WMIH (so that stock price will increase as high as possible) before investors (like us shareholders) receive new money from LT to invest in WMIH.

The reason I believe this is playing out is the extension of LT with 3 years, which is a move which seems to suck for us, BUT in a LT filing in late 2014 the LT considered to extend the LT for a much smaller term (I thought for 1 year) and the dragging out of Employee claims till februari 2016. I believe once WMIH is at the level where the hedgies are comfortable at, Employee Claims, reconciliation of FDIC receivership assets and LT proceedings will be finalized in rapid and successive order.

Ever since reorganization of WMIH I felt this would be the case, and I also think this is why the bashing of escrow proceedings is going on (IMO to prevent people to take an advance on future WMI LT proceedings and start investing heavily in WMIH). Strong spreading of confusion by posters who are bashing escrow and promoting WMIH, and others bashing WMIH and are conservative about LT proceedings are manipulating the sentiment regarding WMIH specifically. Ask yourself the question: isn't confusion the worst sentiment for the everyday average stock investor (especially for new investors who have no knowledge about former WAMUQ history!)? The ultimate example was WithCatz acting as opinion leader on all the boards, and even starting a "smart board" on Boardpost where everyone who didn't agree with the status quo got thrown out and their IP address blocked from the site. All discussion about escrows or whatever was avoided, shot down, sent to "myth and lore"ünicorn"or "water under the bridge"-land. Now escrow discussion is running freely and out of control, thanks to the likes of AZ and Large Green, the cat doesn't rear his/her ugly head anymore.
The investors who know for sure there is something blooming in WMIH-land already have the tickets (the hedgies, KKR and Citi and retailers like us who know the history) and accummulate like crazy (look at the accummulation chart). What we see is that no "new investors" enters into the stock, also thanks to heavy manipulation. Those who know invest wisely and know WMIH has a great future.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The reconcilation of FDIC receivership with the LT is where 90% of the iceberg is out of sight. In 2008 WaMu received 6 billion annually in just servicing mortgage securities (their interest income from portfolio loans was 15B annually!). Imagine the interest collected on those assets minus service fees, and imagine those assets are still in receivership and about to be reconciliated with LT.
Remember: JP morgan only purchased credit impaired loans from Wamu, those are wholesale loans (thus: RMBS!!), those were the only loans that were at WMB/WMfsb. The portfolio loans were at WMI Holding (244 billion in portfolio loans!). In fact: Washington Mutual was famous for it's portfolio mortgages (look here: http://www.thetruthaboutmortgage.com/types-of-mortgage-len…/ )You can read into this in the Annual Reports of JPM since 2008, in the numbers there is no real breakdown of any of these portfolio loans that should originate from WaMu, only PCI loans were broken down.

Also remember the words of the liar WithCatz (and "news channels"like Fox) about JPM able to "cherry pick assets" from Wamu?
Actually they got f*cked by the FDIC by being stuck with these lossy PCI-loans. And they also got a 13B dollar fine on top of that, for assuming the liability when "purchased". That put's the move of Sheila Bair on or around 25th of September in a whole new perspective. The FDIC didn't want these shitty mortgages in their (and at the time: ultimately and predominantly in the Hedgies) hands. So they kept the healthy and seasoned loans in receivership, and transferred the lossy RMBS PCI (or wholesale) loans in the hands of JP Morgan. So instead of portraying JPM as a troubling bank (by, among others, The Honourable Judge Mary J) the bank was considered healthy enough by Sheila to carry the burden of the RMBS which they "purchased" from the FDIC Emoticono tongue
The FDIC collects about 15B annually on these portfolio loans in receivership. Everyone who claims JPM bought these loans, I dare you to point out to me in any of JPM's annual reports where this can be traced back in the cold, hard numbers!
That's why JPM claims ownership of former WaMu-mortgages, but there is no deed of ownership. So they forge documents and get their asses sued all the way to Supreme Court. Seems they got butthurt really bad.

And thank god to Susman who prevented the proceeds of the receivership would all flow to the Hedgies! They cut a great deal to include equity and punish PIERS for what they've done, but on the other side they had to throw out APR because most of the PIERS owned a great part of Preferreds as well. So that not all of the surplus above aprox. 7.5 billion would flow to the commons. Sucks for me, I only have commons. But I can't complain, now this picture becomes more clear to me every day.
I also believe the dragging out of WMIH acquisitions and LT proceedings was a condition set forth by former PIERS during mediation.

But what the hell do I know?

For further reading, look into these tidbits from the JPM annual report (2013). It is about the RMBS loans (or PCI loans) from WMB:
"In addition, from 2005 to 2008, Washington Mutual made
certain loan level representations and warranties in
connection with approximately $165 billion of residential
mortgage loans that were originally sold or deposited into
private-label securitizations by Washington Mutual. Of the
$165 billion, approximately $75 billion has been repaid. In
addition, approximately $47 billion of the principal amount
of such loans has liquidated with an average loss severity of
59%. Accordingly, the remaining outstanding principal
balance of these loans as of December 31, 2013, was
approximately $43 billion, of which $10 billion was 60 days
or more past due. The Firm believes that any repurchase
obligations related to these loans remain with the FDIC

Repurchase obligations from the receivership? What is the motive behind that?

Have patience folks, We will be greatly rewarded!


Re: La era de los Unicornios...$1 Billón "próximamente"

Habrá que invertir en los "unicornios"? Habría que analizar los gráficos de cada uno y sus perspectivas de revalorización.

De los scrow no sabemos nada y menos de las comunes :(, paciencia ... puede que recibamos recompensa! Saludos


Volumen importante en WMIH

2.500.000 acciones a esta hora

Parece que cada vez estamos más cerca... Buen finde a todos


Tres nuevos Hedge Funds entran en WMIH...



GREYWOLF: Sigue manteniendo sus 14.812.056 acciones

APPALOOSA: Sigue manteniendo sus 17.030.000 acciones

TIP HILL: Sigue manteniendo sus 2.740.000 acciones

LOCUST WOOD: "Nueva Compra" 3.953.902 acciones en ultimo trimestre 2014

AKANTHOS CAPITAL: "Nueva Compra" 1.830.000 acciones en ultimo trimestre 2014

NUMINA CAPITAL: "Nueva Compra" 658.263 acciones en ultimo trimestre 2014

Empiezan a sumarse los profesionales antes de que lleguen las noticias que estimo será finales de marzo-primeros abril. Actualmente los precios van a estar estables entre $2.15-$2.20 hasta el momento del anuncio de la primera M&A.