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Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños

26.4K respuestas
Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
2 suscriptores
Washington Mutual demanda a la FDIC por 17 billones US$ + daños
3,027 / 3,339

Re: Junta de Accionista WMIH 5 Junio 2013 (NY)

Tenemos que votar sobre las siguientes cuestiones ( ver líneas más abajo...) creo que el voto clave es el 1 y en mucha menor medida el 2; los advisory vote son probablemente tan útiles como la iniciativa popular...

..." Voting items

The Board of Directors recommends you vote
FOR the following:

1. Election of Directors

01 Michael Willingham 02 Eugene I. Davis 03 Steven D. Scheiwe 04 Mark E. Holliday 05 Diane B. Glossman
06 Michael J. Renoff 07 Timothy R. Graham

The Board of Directors recommends you vote FOR proposals 2 and 3.

2 To ratify the appointment of Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc., as our independent registered public accounting firm for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2013.

3 To approve, as an advisory vote, compensation of WMI Holdings Corp.’s named executive officers.

The Board of Directors recommends you vote 1 YEAR on the following proposal:

4 To approve, as an advisory vote, the frequency of future advisory votes on named executive officer compensation.

NOTE: Such other business as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournment or postponement thereof "...




Re: Junta de Accionista WMIH 5 Junio 2013 (NY)

Hola a todos, ¿alguien sabe cómo va el proceso de voto? ¿Voto electrónico, carta...?


Selfbank es un desastre !!!! Dicen que no podemos votar ATENTOS

En respuesta a su consulta, nos indican desde el departamento correspondiente, que no es posible que ejerza el voto. Debido a que los títulos de mercados internacionales se encuentran a nombre de Self Trade Bank S.A., de cara al depositario.

Quedamos a su disposición para cualquier duda o consulta en el teléfono 902 88 87 77/914 890 888 en horario de lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 22:00 horas (Horario Peninsular) o en la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico [email protected]

QUE DESASTRE!!! Viva el poder de los accionistas. ¿os imaginais lo mismo en unas elecciones? Usted no puede votar porque quien figura es la misma persona en 600 direcciones distintas.


Shareholders Meeting

I think people started to realize how important is to have the support and cooperation from the hedge funds if we want to see progress in making the BOD plan of capitalization/M&A work. People are looking for signs of unity. Here are a few I come up with.

1. It appears that Blackstone is the party that can be accepted by both BOD and majority holders (various hedge funds). I’ve elaborated on this idea before. It has the prestige, financial expertise, business connections, especially hedge fund ties, and knowledge of WMIH because of its involvement in WMI bankruptcy and reorganization. I tend to think that BOD members are not naïve, and should recognize the need to secure backings from the majority owners when conceiving the capitalization/M&A plan. I contend Blackstone was selected because it’s in a unique position to help the Board reach out to the hedge fund owners.
2. The passing of March 19th without re-incorporation is another interesting sign. If people are correct that the purpose of reincorporation was to fend off hedge fund attacks, and to extend the term of retail friendly BOD for another year, one can reason that the fact that the passing of 3/19 without fanfare is a good thing and a sign of relief. It could indicate, in my view, at a minimum, MW and the BOD didn't feel threatened by the hedge funds. It may also be a sign of mutual understanding and even cooperation. Delaying BOD election by re-incorporating is never the solution. It’s about cooperation, far out-weighing anything else.
3. If charlien is correct that the Corporate Strategy and Development Committee is composed by the members with SNHs ties (Eugene I. Davis, Chair), and TPSC ties (Michael Renoff. Not sure about the third member Diane B. Glossman, but she seems having Citi and other substantial financial experience), it’s likely that there have been some level of mutual involvement by the Board and the hedge funds from early on.

Of course, one can view the signs cited above in an opposite, negative way. For instance, re. 1, Blackstone is a mole for hedge funds as some suggested; re. 2, MW may not be relevant. The majority of the Board voted against re-incorporating; re. 3, Hedge funds are already in control of the Board. We’re in a delicate situation at an interesting time, I’m for questioning and vigilant, meanwhile, I tend to view the signs I cited in a positive way as described above.

Of course, the biggest sign (M&A and capitalization) hasn’t showed up yet, which is both puzzling and frustrating. Well, the shareholder meeting is fast approaching. We may get some answers or a peek at new signs.


Re: Selfbank es un desastre !!!! Dicen que no podemos votar ATENTOS

A alguien mas le sucede el impedimento?
O solo en Selfbank?


Carta a los accionistas de WMIH

WMI Holdings Corp. 1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3000
Seattle, WA 98101

To our shareholders:

On March 19, 2012, WMI Holdings Corp. emerged from a protracted and contentious chapter 11
proceeding that lasted longer than anyone expected. Our Company emerged from those proceedings with a new corporate name, a new board of directors, $75 million in cash, access to a $125 million senior credit facility and a strategic vision to grow our business through one or more acquisitions. As you know, the Company has been working with Blackstone Advisors L.P., its investment banking advisor, to identify and evaluate potential strategic business opportunities in an effort to deliver value to you, our shareholders. The Company’s board of directors and interim management take that obligation seriously and the hard work continues on your behalf.

The Company achieved some significant milestones since emergence, namely:

Š distributing approximately $6.5 billion to parties-in-interest upon emerging from
Š resuming its periodic reporting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission;
Š receiving a “clean” auditors report in connection with the Company’s first audited
financial statements since 2008;
Š managing WM Mortgage Reinsurance Company, Inc.’s runoff business;
Š reducing the original outstanding principal amount of Senior First Lien Runoff Notes by
approximately $14.3 million or roughly 11%; and
Š rebuilding operational functionality following the lengthy chapter 11 proceedings.

As our shareholders undoubtedly know, the Company has been through quite a journey over the last few years. Now that the chapter 11 proceedings are behind us, the board of directors and interim management are committed to achieving the Company’s strategic objectives. We truly appreciate your support as the Company continues its transition into this important, new phase.

Michael Willingham, Chairman
WMI Holdings Corp.

Charles Edward Smith,
WMI Holdings Corp.

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